KNOCA actively collates and highlights existing and emerging knowledge and research on climate assemblies, as well as commissioning its own targeted knowledge development and exchange on critical aspects of the practice of climate assemblies. Our aim is to improve practice and policy making by translating knowledge and research into meaningful recommendations for action.

As well as producing specific guidance to improve the commissioning, design, implementation, impact and evaluation of climate assemblies, KNOCA also publishes Briefings that bring together emerging research on climate assemblies. If you are interested in converting any of your research into a Briefing, please contact us at

The following KNOCA Briefings capture emerging research and provide evidence-based recommendations.

How does the framing of climate change affect the conclusions reached in Climate Assemblies?

How can Climate Assemblies be integrated into the policy process?

How can the legitimacy and resonance of Climate Assemblies in wider society be ensured? 

What is the impact and legacy of Climate Assemblies?

Approaches to Evaluation of Climate Assemblies

Governance Structures and Practices of Climate Assemblies

Attitudes of Climate Policy Actors towards Climate Assemblies

Designing the Follow-up to Climate Assemblies: Embedding Recommendations within the Public Administration

Knowledge Curation in Climate Assemblies: Selection and Presentation of Evidence

Further KNOCA Briefings will emerge from our Guidance Projects. If you have any comments on any of the KNOCA Briefings or would like to discuss publishing a Briefing, please contact

In April 2023 KNOCA published a special report on Climate assemblies: emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. The report draws lessons from the recent wave of climate assemblies and considers how they canĀ improve their impact. Read more and download the report here.