Every climate assembly aims to have an impact, whether it’s policy impact – impact on policy making and the political debate, og social impact – impact on behaviour and the public debate, or systemic impact – impact on the democratic system as a whole, equipping it for long term decision making in order to adequately mitigate climate change. 

But what are the main drivers of impact?  

3 factors

Given a well-run process, three factors are main drivers of impact:  

  • The question,  
  • The mandate/follow-up 
  • A robust, inclusive communications strategy 

Our research focuses in particular on this third factor as it has received little attention up until now — both in research and in practice. 

Guidance for impact

On this page you’ll find a report identifying and clarifying these three key drivers of impact. Each driver is accompanied by a list of recommendations and examples on how to (and how not to) optimise these factors. An at-a-glance rendering of the main conclusions are presented in the infographic below.