In this KNOCA Annual Event we celebrate the European Climate Assembly experiences. In a packed program, we will be reflecting on the question “Can climate assemblies be integrated more effectively into our political systems so that their impacts on climate governance are more robust and sustained?“. we will be pinpointing hard dilemmas and reaching out to new arenas of innovating Climate Assemblies. 

We will be joined by a series of exciting speakers, new and old, Climate Assembly stakeholders, and all the KNOCA members. Our KNOCA chair Graham Smith will take us through the afternoon underlining the present and the future state of Climate Assemblies.

The afternoon will be divided into three sessions, each starting on the hour at either 13:00, 14:00, or 16:00. It will be possible to join these sections of the programme independently. See the schedule below.

Note that the first session will be a presentation of the KNOCA report on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities that can be found here.