The official email of KNOCA is

Chair of KNOCA

Graham Smith

Graham Smith is Professor of Politics and Director of the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster and Chair of the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development.

Secretariat of KNOCA

Bjørn Bedsted

Bjørn Bedsted has an MA in Social Anthropology. He is Deputy Director of The Danish Board of Technolgy and has led numerous technology assessment and public engagement projects in various technology and policy fields. He is an expert in citizen participation and responsible research and innovation.


Mie Thomsen has an Msc in Natural Resource Management. Project Manager at The Danish Board of Technolgy with experience in climate adaptation, long-term planning, process development and risk management of flooding from the sea and watercourses.

Frederik Langkjær has an MSc in Political Science, and is Project Manager at the The Danish Board of Technolgy. He is specialized in deliberative democracy and experienced with civil society engagement, governance, strategic communication, and research.