How well has the KNOCA Impact Evaluation Framework served its purpose? And how can it be improved?
An exploratory workshop


This workshop explores the challenges and opportunities of evaluating the impact of climate assemblies with the aim of revising KNOCA’s Impact Evaluation Framework. 

Workshop on Evaluating the Impact of Climate Assemblies | KNOCAWorkshop on Evaluating the Impact of Climate Assemblies | KNOCA

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Event description 

Help us improve the evaluation of the impact of climate assemblies! This workshop reviews the Impact Evaluation Framework created by the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) in collaboration with the Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies (KNOCA) in early 2022. The Framework aims to identify the diversity of potential impacts of climate assemblies and the challenges and opportunities of evaluating these impacts. 

The first version of the Impact Evaluation Framework has been applied in a number of settings and has been reviewed by a number of KNOCA members with experience in evaluation. 

The workshop consider the original motivations behind the Framework, experience of using it in the field, and proposals for how it might be further developed.

The workshop aimed particularly at practitioners, evaluators and researchers interested in understanding the impact of climate assemblies. The framework is available here: 

Download the presentations here: