July 6, 2021

The report of Scotland’s Climate Assembly was tabled in the Scottish Parliament on 24 June 2021. This is the culmination of 7 weekends of learning and deliberation by members of the Assembly that began in November 2020. This first KNOCA Learning Call provides an opportunity for members of the network to find out more about the political context, process design and impact of Scotland’s Climate Assembly and key learnings for public officials, practitioners and civil society organisations. We will be joined by Susie Townend (head of the independent secretariat), Kaela Scott (facilitators and design team lead) and Oliver Escobar (member of the Stewarding Group). Graham Smith, Chair of KNOCA, will facilitate the conversation and questions from the audience.

Learning call: Scotland´s Climate Assembly | KNOCALearning call: Scotland´s Climate Assembly | KNOCA

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