24 November 2021 | 17:30-19:00 CEST

To improve and inspire climate assembly practice by giving KNOCA members and others the opportunity to learn about the genesis, preparation, follow-up and impact to date of the first two national level climate assemblies – the French Citizens’ Convention for Climate and the Climate Assembly UK – in particular those elements that distinguish them. Note, learning call will be recorded, uploaded to YouTube channel and disseminated through KNOCA website, newsletters and other networks.

France and the United-Kingdom were the first two nations to host high-profile climate assemblies. Respectively, 150 French and 100 British citizens presented to their government and parliamentary committees long reports with extensive recommendations on climate action a couple of months apart in mid-2020. Both experiences have contributed to the recent and broadening interest in citizens’ assemblies in Europe by highlighting the value of citizens’ voices in spurring greater and fairer climate ambition. They also provide early lessons on the decision-making processes that follow and their impact on policy, broader governance practices and public debates in France and the UK as well as elsewhere. This learning call will examine their different genesis, preparation, follow-up and impact to date, reflecting upon the expectations and results associated with each process and drawing out lessons for future practice.

Priscillia Ludosky from the Citizens’ Vests collective which initiated the French Convention and Sarah Allan from Involve, the lead facilitator of Climate Assembly UK, will be in conversation with Graham Smith, Chair of KNOCA and Lise Deshautel, Founding Member of KNOCA taking questions and contributions from invited guests and the audience.

For details on both Assemblies see their dedicated websites (Climate Assembly UK and Convention citoyenne pour le climat), a comparative overview of both processes and the KNOCA summary.

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