The Danish Climate Assembly is the most recent of a number of national level climate assemblies in Europe. What distinguishes the Danish Assembly from its predecessors is that it was organized in two phases and tasked to continuously give inputs to ongoing political negotiations. This learning call will interrogate the motivation, task, organisation and impact to date of the Danish Climate Assembly, drawing out innovations in practice and lessons for future practice.

Lars Klüver, Director of the Danish Board of Technology and lead facilitator, Britta Gernaey, participant in the assembly, Anna Paulin, Member of the Danish Parliament from the Social Democrats, and Ingrid Helene Brandt, Ph.D. student at University of Copenhagen, will be in conversation with Graham Smith, Chair of KNOCA and taking questions from the audience.

March 2, 2022 15:00 March 2, 2022 16:30 CET

For details of the Danish Climate Assembly see its dedicated website and the KNOCA summary.

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