This Learning Call will be held at Central European Time (CET)

In July 2022, after 6 weekends of learning and deliberation, the Austrian Citizens’ Climate Assembly (Klimarat) published its final report with 93 recommendations in response to the task of proposing measures to achieve climate neutrality by 2040. The Austrian Assembly is novel in having been organised in response to a citizens’ initiative. It is also innovative in the way in which social partners and politicians engaged directly with the Assembly and the members formed the Association of the First Austrian Citizens’ Climate Assembly to monitor the government’s response and spread knowledge about the climate crisis and their recommendations. This learning call will interrogate the motivation, task, organisation and impact to date of the Austrian Climate Assembly, drawing out innovations and lessons for future practice. 

Ines Omann (consultant coordinating the assembly), Lisa Purker, (facilitation team), Dieter Beisteiner (Ministry for Climate Action), Laura Grossman (Civil Society Engagement Officers), Christoph Streissler (Chamber of Labour) will be conversation with Graham Smith, Chair of KNOCA and taking questions from the audience. 

For a summary of the Austrian Citizens’ Climate Assembly see the KNOCA website. Further details are on its dedicated website. 


16.05-16.20    Motivation and key characteristics of the assembly Ines Omann (consultant coordinating the assembly) Dieter Beisteiner (Ministry for Climate Action)
16.20-16.30Internal dynamics of assembly Lisa Purker (facilitation team)  
16.30-16.45Engagement with stakeholders, civil society and the broader public Laura Grossman (Civil Society Engagement Officer) Christoph Streissler (Chamber of Labour)  
16.45-16.55Research insights Sarah Nash – postdoctoral researcher at the University of Continuing Education Krems  
17.55-17.25Q&A with audience
17.25-17.30Closing remarks and future KNOCA events and activities  

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