This workshop will be held at European Central Time (CET) 

Governance Structures and Practices of Climate Assemblies 

In this workshop we will explore how climate assemblies are governed and share experiences and lessons learned about best practice.  The legitimacy of deliberative mini-publics, such as climate assemblies, partly depends on the trust policymakers, stakeholders, and the wider public have in the decisions made about their design and implementation. The form and quality of governance structures is critical.  

We will discuss the applicability, strengths, and weaknesses of three overall models identified through interviews with key informants from the governance bodies of the first eight national level climate assemblies held to date.  

This workshop is aimed at practitioners and stakeholders directly involved or interested in climate assemblies and best practice. 

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10 min. Introduction 
20 min. Presentation of the Study on Governance Structures 
45 min. Panel Debate with Q&A 
15 min. Break 
30 min. Breakout Discussions 
30 min. Summary and Lessons Learned 

Key learning from the workshop can be downloadet below: