KNOCA organises regular learning calls and other activities to develop knowledge on specific climate assemblies and critical aspects of climate assembly practice. If you have ideas for future calls or events, please contact KNOCA:

KNOCA Workshop on Evaluation

March 16, 2022

Interested in evaluation of climate assemblies? Interested in contributing to the development of KNOCA guidance on evaluation?

The OECD has recently published Evaluation Guidelines for Representative Deliberative Processes. This workshop considered whether climate-specific criteria need to be developed for evaluations of climate assemblies that complement these guidelines. The workshop drew lessons from evaluations of the French Citizens’ Convention for Climate, Scotland’s Climate Assembly and Climate Assembly UK and provided an opportunity for participants to consider what needs to be evaluated “before”, “during” and “after” climate assemblies. The learning from the workshop will contribute to the drafting of KNOCA guidance on evaluation of climate assemblies that complements the OECD work.

KNOCA Learning call on the Danish Climate Assebly

March 2, 2022

The Danish Climate Assembly is the most recent of a number of national level climate assemblies in Europe. What distinguishes the Danish Assembly from its predecessors is that it was organized in two phases and tasked to continuously give inputs to ongoing political negotiations.

KNOCA Learning call on Finland’s Citizens’ Jury on climate action

Finland’s Citizens’ Jury on Climate Action took place in April 2021. It differs from climate assemblies in a number of ways, including its size, duration and remit. The Jury took place over two-and-a-half days and involved 33 randomly-selected citizens. They were charged with assessing the fairness and impact of 14 potential measures to be included in the new national medium-term Climate Change Policy Plan.

January 24, 2022

KNOCA Learning call on the UK and French Climate Assemblies

November 24, 2021

To improve and inspire climate assembly practice by giving KNOCA members and others the opportunity to learn about the genesis, preparation, follow-up and impact to date of the first two national level climate assemblies – the French Citizens’ Convention for Climate and the Climate Assembly UK – in particular those elements that distinguish them

KNOCA – What is a Climate Assembly?

November 15, 2021

Climate Assemblies are increasingly being used in a variety of different European countries at different scales of governance to inform policy responses and social action on climate change. Appetite is growing in countries that have not yet used such processes to explore the possibility of doing so, and to draw on existing experiences and models. For this reason, KNOCA wants to provide an opportunity for everybody who is curious to learn what the key features of Climate Assemblies are and what one should consider when initiating and delivering one.

KNOCA Learning Call: German Citizens’ Assembly on Climate

September 29 2021

The German Citizens’ Assembly on Climate is the most recent of a number of national level climate assemblies in Europe. What distinguishes the German Assembly from its predecessors is that it was commissioned by civil society organisations with the primary purpose of influencing the federal election and the government coalition negotiations that follow. This learning call will interrogate the motivation, commissioning, organisation and impact to date of the German Citizens’ Assembly on Climate, drawing out innovations in practice and lessons for future practice.

KNOCA Learning Call: Scotland’s Climate Assembly

July 6, 2021

The report of Scotland’s Climate Assembly was tabled in the Scottish Parliament on 24 June 2021. This is the culmination of 7 weekends of learning and deliberation by members of the Assembly that began in November 2020. This first KNOCA Learning Call provides an opportunity for members of the network to find out more about the political context, process design and impact of Scotland’s Climate Assembly and key learnings for public officials, practitioners and civil society organisations. We will be joined by Susie Townend (head of the independent secretariat), Kaela Scott (facilitators and design team lead) and Oliver Escobar (member of the Stewarding Group). Graham Smith, Chair of KNOCA, will facilitate the conversation and questions from the audience.