KNOCA is seeking expressions of interest from network members to lead Knowledge Development Projects (KDPs) and smaller Mini-projects funded by the European Climate Foundation. To be successful as a network, it is important that KNOCA members are actively involved in the process of knowledge creation and exchange. KNOCA is therefore commissioning knowledge development projects (KDPs) in critical aspects of climate assembly practice along with smaller mini-grants.

KDPs will be orientated towards creating resources and guidance that improves practice and policy making and are intended to engage interested network members in working groups and events. Following consultation with KNOCA members, we have decided to focus our knowledge
development work on three critical aspects:

  1. Framing climate within assemblies
  2. Designing impact to affect policy and societal change
  3. Evaluating climate assemblies

In the first wave, two KDPs will be launched on “framing climate” and “designing impact”. Both will
incorporate consideration of evaluation. If the working model is successful, further KDPs will be
launched in 2022.

Each KDPs will be funded up to a maximum of €20,000. It is expected that this will be supplemented by resources of applicant organisations.

KDPs are expected to run for around three months from mid-January 2022.

Mini-grants are also intended to result in practically useful outcomes and will be awarded to support the development of creative ideas that complement KDPs or focus on other significant areas of climate assembly practice.

Mini-grants will be of the value €1-3,000

Closing date for applications for both KDPs and mini-grants: 29 November 2021

Download further information on Knowledge Development Projects and Mini-grants.

Information and Q&A sessions on KDPs and mini-grants will be held on Tuesday 16th and Monday
22nd November at 5pm CET.

Details of how to sign up are in the further information.