November 30, 2022

In June 2022, after 6 weekends of learning and deliberation, the Spanish Citizens’ Assembly for the Climate handed over 172 recommendations to the Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister. The Assembly had been tasked with the question “A safer and fairer Spain in the face of climate change. How do we do it?”. This invited members to consider both mitigation and adaptation measures. The government is currently considering how to respond to the Assembly’s report. This learning interrogated the motivation, task, organisation and impact to date of the Spanish Climate Assembly, drawing out innovations in practice and lessons for future practice. 

Leire Elhazaz (REDS) and María José Sanz (BC3) from the Coordination Panel, Ana Lancho (Fundación Biodiversidad) and Teresa Solana (OECC) from Spanish Government Ministries and Conchi Piñeiro from the facilitation team was in conversation with Graham Smith, Chair of KNOCA and taking questions from the audience. 

For a summary of the Spanish Climate Assembly see the KNOCA website Further details are on its dedicated website

Learning Call on the Spanish Climate Assembly | KNOCALearning Call on the Spanish Climate Assembly | KNOCA

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