KNOCA has commissioned four Knowledge Development Projects (KDPs) that will run until May 2022. The aim of these KDPs is to provide practical guidance on critical aspects of climate assembly practice and to promote network activities around these issues.

We would like these KDPs to be a co-creative process with interested KNOCA members. Each of the KDP leads is excited to organise sessions where they share their emerging ideas and learn from your experience. If you are interested in participating in any of the KDPs – or just finding out what is happening – then please contact the relevant KDP lead.

The first wave of KDPs and their Leads are:

  • KDP1. Framing climate

How does the framing of remits and the way that information is ordered and presented within assemblies shape outcomes? Lead: Rinascimento Green.

Contact: Stephanie Brancaforte

  • KDP2. Attitudes of climate policy actors

What are the barriers and opportunities to improving understanding of and support for climate assemblies amongst key climate policy actors? Lead: Grantham Institute, LSE.

Contact: Alina Averchenkova

  • KDP3. Pathways to impact

How can commissioners and organisers exploit opportunities for impact on policy, politics, media and publics when designing climate assemblies? Lead: Foundation for Innovation in Democracy Europe (FIDE) and Bureau Burgerberaad.

Contact: Eva Rovers

  • KDP4. Landing climate assemblies

How can public bodies be better prepared to respond to the presence and recommendations of climate assemblies? Lead. TPXImpact.

Contact: Kelly McBride

If you are interested in participating in one of these KDPs, please contact the relevant leads.

You can also participate in online discussions via our Linkedin Community