This workshop will be held at 15:30-17:30 CET (Central European Time)

Climate policy community has so far not engaged with the climate assemblies at scale. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the challenges, current practice, and guidance to the civil society on why and how to engage with climate assemblies.

In this workshop we will present a draft NGO playbook on climate assemblies, which offers guidance to the climate civil society organisations on the benefits of engaging with climate assemblies and the ways of doing so. This will be followed by a panel discussion with experts from climate NGOs and democracy practitioners involved in running the assemblies on the current experience with engaging with climate assemblies, challenges and ways to overcome them. The workshop will offer an opportunity to comment on the NGO playbook.


Welcome and context: Graham Smith, Chair, KNOCA

Presentation of the Draft playbook for NGOs on climate assemblies. Alina Averchenkova, Grantham Research Institute, GRI and KNOCA.

Panel discussion: Learnings from civil society engagement on public participation and feedback on the NGO playbook 


-Maria Jose Sanz, Scientific Director, Basque Centre for Climate Change

-Frederik Hafen,  Environmental Democracy Policy Officer,  European Environmental Bureau 

-Romain Didi, Climate Governance and Human Rights policy Coordinator, CAN Europe

Discussion in break out groups