This spring, KNOCA has run four Knowledge Development Projects investigating the framing and impact of climate assemblies as well as policy actors’ attitudes toward these processes. In the fall, KNOCA will follow up on these projects with a series of events and commission another set of Knowledge Development Projects. 

To help shape these events and future projects, KNOCA is hosting an open space at the annual meeting where members will get the opportunity to share their ideas for KNOCA’s next steps. Maybe there is a new concept that you would like KNOCA to facilitate a discussion on, a theme that you think KNOCA should prioritize, a project you would like to get input on from other KNOCA members, or research findings that you would like to share. Or maybe you just want to hear and discuss other members’ ideas. It is up to you to decide. 

The only rules are the one’s of the open space technology: 

  1. Whoever comes are the right people 
  1. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have 
  1. Whenever it starts is the right time 
  1. Whenever it’s over, it’s over 

Whether or not you have an idea to pitch, you are more than welcome. Everybody can contribute! 

If you do have an idea to pitch, please give us a few details in the registration. The pitches will be selected to get a good balance of different ideas and the number will depend on how many people register. 

The deadline for registering your pitch is 20 June, but you can still register to attend regardless – you don’t have to pitch to participate! Anyone is welcome.

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