This event will be held at Central European Time (CET)

Our friends at The Hannah Arendt Center for Humanities and Politics at Bard are hosting a ‘Film and Panel Discussion on the French Climate Assembly and Les 150’:

In 2018, France’s President Macron’s carbon-tax increase led to months of political crisis and protests led by the “Yellow-Vest” movement. Macron’s government responded by convening a “Grand National Debate,” which included 18 regional citizens’ assemblies and an additional National Assembly on Climate Change. In these processes, randomly selected citizens were tasked with deliberating the complex and difficult issues facing French society. The French Climate Assembly, lasting for nine months, put lottery-based democracy on the world stage.

Before April 7th, watch “Les 150”on Youtube for free with English subtitles (For help with turning on the subtitles, check out this video)

Les 150 - des citoyens s'engagent après la convention citoyenne pour le climat | Documentaire LCPLes 150 – des citoyens s’engagent après la convention citoyenne pour le climat | Documentaire LCP

Then, on April 7th, join us for a panel on the French process and its aftermath. What can we learn from the French example and the numerous other Assemblies that have occurred in its wake? 

The panel will feature:

Helene Landemore (Author of Open Democracy)

Agny Kpata (President of Les 150, the citizens’ lobby which formed out of the assembly)

Eva Rovers (KNOCA)

Dimitri Courant (Visiting Fellow at Harvard)

Marjan Ehsassi (Researcher at Johns Hopkins)

Baptiste Rouget-Luchaire (Director, Les 150)

..and more to come!

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This event is Co-Sponsored by the French Program at Bard